What people say about us

In this business, word of mouth is king. That’s why we’re so proud to have a whole host of satisfied customers who sing our praises from the rooftops. Here’s what they’ve said:

“Paperlily take real pride in their work. When we’ve used decorators before, it felt like it was just another job for them, but ┬áNatalie treated it like she was decorating her own home. Every detail counts.”

Andy, Montrose
Take a look at Andy’s hall

“It might seem silly, but I appreciated having a female decorator. I live on my own and it can be nerve-wracking inviting strange men into your house. Natalie put me at ease right away.”

Lucy, Montrose
Look at Lucy’s kitchen

“It was quite a fiddly job. I could have spent forever trying to do it, and it still would have been a mess. Natalie got it done in a few hours and it looks perfect. I’ll definitely use paperlily again.”

Rosie, Glasgow

“I would never have thought of using old sheet music as wallpaper. It’s given it just the right feel and saved us a fortune on fancy wallpaper. Very creative.”

Larry, Brechin
Take a look at Larry’s music room

If you’d like to talk to us about what paperlily can do for you, call ┬áNatalie on 01356 626685 or complete our online form to request a quote now.